AI should be for everyone, not just the big companies with endless resources.

Marca RDI creates tools that combine human knowledge and experience with advanced, self-learning artificial
intelligence, to find, analyze, compare, predict, interpret, understand and utilize information to its fullest.
It’s the affordable answer to using AI to control Big Data and put it to use.
Any business. Any Industry. Any size

Marca RDI: Simplifying Data & Improving Business for Everyone.

Our A.I.-based products provide information and support to business.

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Better Results Using
Cognitive Engines

Turn B.R.U.C.E. Loose and find
out how easy it is to access and
understand virtually every bit
of information in the world.

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Automated Medical Billing
Resolution Platform
adjudicates over 90% of
rejections and denials without
human intervention, through a
combination of site-mining,
self-learning, artificial
intelligence, and analytics

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Self-learning Artificial
Intelligence accesses payer
sites and provides
comprehensive direction and
support during the entire
medical billing cycle.

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Cognitive technology examines
your idea and then compares it
with all existing prior art,
including drawings and images,
to determine uniqueness and
likelihood of patent-ability.

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Research Assistant
Advanced support for any research need – worldwide.
In Testing: A cognitive research tool for educational institutions that allows conceptual search and document comparison.