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Amman, Jordan

Marca RDI holds workshop at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Dr. Carrie Brenner (President), Rami Ikreishi  (Managing Director), and John Khamis (Chief Technology Officer), of Marca Research & Development International, LLC headed a workshop demonstrating Marca Research Assistant, a multi-dimensional cognitive tool, for a team of educators and students from the Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Amman, Jordan.

The Marca Research Assistant is the basis for creating programs that provide a wide range of technological support for virtually any research need. The workshop centered around Marca’s recent development of a cognitive research tool for educational institutions that allows for both conceptual searches (not simply keywords) and the uploading of documents for comparison with virtually all existing materials – worldwide.

The use of Marca RDI’s patent pending cognitive engines, with their ability to understand the meanings of words in context, allows for targeting of only relatable materials – yielding faster searches, less wasted time in review, and actionable results.

The workshop consisted of a presentation outlining the process, its uses for education, and extensive research capabilities, as well as a live demonstration of the program in real time.

The university’s team, headed by Dr. Khaldoun Abu Gharbieh, Dean of the King Abdullah II School of Engineering at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, had the opportunity to learn about this new technology in a hands-on format inspiring one student to respond by saying, “I would really like to use this system, as I have been stuck on my research paper for three weeks and I think this system would help me immediately.”

The same engine is also the foundation for Marca AutoPatent, our patented artificial intelligence that is capable of understanding, comparing and analyzing the millions of pages of prior art, patents, literature and pertinent information around the world – instantly providing absolute, verifiable evidence to improve the likelihood of a successful filing or litigation.

Marca R & D International works successfully with business, industry, educators, medical sciences, and technology by offering products created using proprietary artificial intelligence technology.