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Since the invention of the wheel, technology has always preceded progress.
If your business is to move forward, then technology must be part of your plan.

Artificial Intelligence is the Answer!

B.R.U.C.E. is the Answer!
BRUCE is the name of our patented A.I. engine and stands for Better Results Using Cognitive Engines.

Think of Artificial Intelligence as an artist’s brush that when in the hands of a Master can become a stroke of genius. Marca R&D International takes you to the next level of technological capability by creating a process so efficient that it is only attainable by utilizing metrics, analytics, deductive reasoning, and advanced cognitive engines … the basics of functioning artificial intelligence.

We combine human knowledge and experience with advanced, self-learning artificial intelligence (B.R.U.C.E.) to help you find….goals.

There are thousands of applications penetrating our daily lives that you may not realize are A.I. – from medicine to music, from cell phones to banks and automobiles to airplanes. Whatever business or industry you are operating in, Artificial Intelligence is part of it. If you’re not taking advantage of this ever-expanding technology, you risk falling behind your competition. MarcaRDI belongs in your systems!

Marca RDI: Simplifying Data & Improving Business